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Refuse-Derived-Fuel – Waste Busters


Waste Busters have come up with the innovative idea to produce energy from municipal waste by making Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

Waste Busters is in the business of collecting house hold waste through door to door collection in different parts of the city through its own pick ups. The waste collected is recycled at a municipal waste recycling plant in Lahore which processes 500 tons per day of mixed garbage.
“Generating income from a resource otherwise known as Waste is not only beneficial to the environment but can create several hundred job opportunities for young people all over the country.” Said Asif Farooki, Chairman of Waste Busters.
Normally almost 20% waste was left over after segregation of organic wastes and recyclable materials from the waste stream at the recycling plant. After sorting out this material, we were left with shoppers, rags, foil, nappies, wood etc. This waste was simply dumped in landfills, but now we can process this material into a useful product known as RDF.
RDF is used to burn in boilers, furnaces etc. and has almost the same calorific value as that of coal. It is also environment friendly and easy to handle. Most of all it is 40% less expensive than fossil fuels traditional being used in the Country.
Pakistan produces more than 50,000 MT of garbage every day. If we can utilize this garbage to produce energy, the burden on our fuel mix requirements can be considerably reduced.