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Clean Environment – Waste Busters

Clean Environment

Clean Environment
Clean Environment

As humans we have certain basic needs. Clean air to breathe, healthy, clear drinking water and good, uncontaminated soil for growing nutrient-rich crops to nourish us and our children. 
In other words, we need ecosystems which are as free as 
possible of the harmful influences created by our civilization.
A life in harmony with nature is the ideal. Yet with seven billion people currently living on our planet, we cannot avoid leaving behind our traces on the environment. One of mankind’s biggest responsibilities is to use natural resources as wisely and sparingly as possible.

Why is it important to clean the environment?

Some of the greatest threats facing the planet as of 2104 are climate change and global warming. In recent years, the Earth’s average temperature has increased. Climate and weather changes, such as heavy rainfalls, resulting in heavy floods, severe heat waves, drought, melting ice caps and rising sea levels, have accompanied these rising temperatures.
Other factors that negatively impact the environment include toxic emissions and the pollution of water, land and air. Pollutants also adversely affect human health, causing health conditions and diseases such as cholera, heart disease, cancer, cystic fibrosis, and respiratory tract and eye irritation. Pollutants have led to increased mortality rates.
To maintain a clean environment, people need to reduce the use of toxic materials, conserve water and energy, dispose of garbage properly, recycle waste products, purchase recycled products, invest in green energy and drive fuel-efficient cars with reduced carbon dioxide emissions.


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