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Hotel Restaurant Waste Management – Waste Busters

Hotel Restaurant Waste Management

Hotel Restaurant Waste Management

Microbial contamination not only spoils the food but is highly precarious for health. In order to maintain healthy environment, proper clean up is required. Waste Busters provide a complete package of kitchen waste disposal from your site.

Waste Busters provides a cost effective daily kitchen cleaning service that keeps your Restaurant, Country Club or Hotel at a high level of sanitation and appearance. Waste Busters provides a myriad of daily janitorial services to meet all of your cleaning needs in the kitchen!

Waste Busters offers daily cleaning of your kitchen floors, daily cleaning of all your kitchen mats, daily cleaning of your kitchen baseboards, etc.  Our staff will sweep and dispose of debris, apply hot water and approved degreaser to the floors, deck or machine scrub and then rinse the floors clean. Waste Busters places special attention to cleaning under the cooking equipment, prep tables, expo and serving line, refrigerator equipment, etc. Waste Busters will also clean and sanitize the drains.

Waste Busters understands the importance of kitchen floor and grout cleanliness. Waste Busters cleans hundreds of restaurants and has cleaning experience with all types of kitchen flooring.

How it works 

Every waste is ensured to be properly disposed of rather than thrown in open dumps for the scavenger birds to attack and spread diseases. Organic waste is converted into organic fertilizer and thus the risk of spreading diseases is minimized.

To Get This Service

If you are interested in having our Industrial Waste Services, please call our toll-free number 0800-87274 or send an email at and our service manager will contact you for details.

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