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Recycling – Waste Busters



Recycling helps to improve the environment. If we all know the importance of recycling then we will already be on a path to a greener future.

How it works 

  • Waste Busters will provide sample colored bags for paper and recyclable.
  • Convert your existing bins into recycling ones by using our recycling stickers.
  • Monthly waste collection package offer for institutions and offices.
  • Weekly Collection of paper and recyclables only. Waste Busters will buy the waste from you accordingly.
  • Bulk waste collection of paper and recyclables from institutions/offices will be bought by the company.
  • Any solid waste to be removed from your houses/institutions/offices
  • All the recycled material is weighed so that you can come to know how much recyclables are being generated.
  • All recycled materials will be sent to our factory where it will be segregated further and used to make various products.
  • Nothing ends up in a landfill or incinerator when you recycle!
  • In addition we will also pickup your kitchen grease to be made into Bio-Fuels!

Paper – Blue

White paper, cardboard, magazines, books, pencil shavings etc. Nothing dirty, wet or greasy. Staples are ok!

Recyclables – Green

Plastics, chip bags, cartons, glass, metal, plastic bags, Styrofoam

To Get This Service

If you are interested in having our Industrial Waste Services, please call our toll-free number 0800-87274 or send an email at and our service manager will contact you for details.