Industrial Waste

We provide expert services to our corporate industrial clients for managing their industrial waste.

Industrial Waste Management

If you own a company that generates industrial waste, it’s crucial that you think about the safest methods of waste management. The most effective methods of industrial waste management are ones that aim to reduce, reuse, and recycle when possible, and that are guaranteed to cause no harm to the environment.

You might think that industrial and hazardous waste is much more difficult to deal with than other types, and you would be right. However, with Waste Busters help you won’t have anything to worry about. We are fully equipped and qualified to deal with many types of industrial and hazardous waste.

Waste Busters as an Expert provide special services for industrial waste collection and disposal depending upon the type of waste. We cater to the needs of our industrial clients by tailoring the system to meet their requirements.

Paper & Cardboard 76%
Plastic Waste 70%
Industrial Scrap Metal 65%
Glass Bottles 55%
Organic 60%

How it Works

Safe & Effective Industrial Waste Management.

This includes placement of large waste container on the factory premises which is lifted weekly or bi-weekly depending on the volume of waste being generated. We provide certified disposal mechanism for our corporate clients which complies with the international and local environmental regulations.

Our corporate clients include Unilever Pakistan, Shell Pakistan, Tetrapak Pakistan, Rafhan Foods and many other environmentally responsible companies who feel the need to keep Pakistan clean.

To Get This Service

If you are interested in having our Industrial Waste Services, please send an email at and our service manager will contact you for details.

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