Refused Derived Fuel

Waste Busters have come up with the innovative idea to produce energy from municipal waste by making Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

Better waste handling & disposal processes

Over the years we’ve become the secret weapon of service delivery for thousands of hospitality businesses related to hotels and restaurants. Our range of services help restaurants, pubs, café’s and five-star hotel chains manage their waste requirements sustainably and create clean, welcoming environments for their patrons. This ensures you can focus on giving your customers the experience they came for.

The local government have enacted a new law which has established strict codes and standards for the food services businesses such as hotels and restaurants in Pakistan for maintaining a clean environment specially in their kitchens.

Waste Busters have a dedicated service team which specializes in food services sanitation system. These teams are equipped with latest sanitizers and machines which can clean up the grimiest kitchens within minutes.

Need to get rid of it? We'll pick it up.

Why WasteBusters

We are a highly accredited national contractor, fully licensed waste carrier and insurance approved. Expert in waste collection and recycling experts operating across the Pakistan for hospitality industry of hotels and restaurants.

  • Rapid deployment around the Pakistan
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service & call centre
  • Licensed waste carriers
  • Multi waste stream solutions
  • All waste transfer paperwork provided
  • Uniformed, trained staff
  • No additional charges for loading time
  • Skip free same day service

To Get This Service

It’s our commitment to you. From safe and proper collection and
transportation, to environmentally sound treatment and disposal, WasteBusters is committed to our safety and yours. If you are interested in having our hotel and restaurant waste handling Service, please send an email at, our service manager will contact you for details.

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